“I’d like to thank you for the exceptional services. I found the services to be of amazingly high quality and at a very reasonable price. Your help was in a class by itself, I assume I wouldn’t be able to handle that amount of paperwork and negotiations on my own. I would happily come back when I require your services again, and definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you very much for everything.”


“A friendly atmosphere and quick service. It’s just what I wanted from my education agent. I really appreciate your help with my admissions. Thank you.”


“The NIGERIAN office of EXCEL EDUCATIONAL CONSULT was very helpful to me and I thank JOHN and MUNACHI for that.”


“Hearty thanks to EXCEL EDUCATIONAL CONSULT for getting my Visa; you all helped me a lot. I have reached Melbourne and will commence my course at LaTrobe University soon. It’s a nice University and people are also very co-operative.”


“Thank you EXCEL EDUCATIONAL CONSULT for all your help and support. I have reached absolutely safely and everything here is really good. You will be happy to know that I have got my 40 credit points. So along with the MBA practicum, Griffith University has offered me to do MBA international and the best part is that I will be getting a specialization in Marketing. The total duration now is 1.5 yrs. I once again thank the entire staff at EXCEL EDUCATIONAL CONSULT for all their support.”


“Thanks a lot for the co-operation and efforts everyone has put at IAEC to help me reach Swinburne University. Continue your work of helping the students the same way and my best wishes are always with all of you.”


“I reached UWS safely. My university classes have started this week. UWS is huge and I am enjoying the weather as well. Thank youEXCEL EDUCATIONAL CONSULT so much for your best wishes and for all your assistance.”


“I want to thank EXCEL EDUCATIONAL CONSULTfor everything and for all the support & guidance you have given me. I got my co-op internship at Hilton by the fall at Niagara Falls. I never imagined that I would get a job at Hilton ever in my dreams. Once again I am very thankful to IAEC, because I think today I am all because of you.”


“I want to thank EXCEL EDUCATIONAL CONSULT for guiding me to achieve my cherished dream. Without your help and guidance it would have not been possible for me to achieve this. I have got an exemption in 3 subjects on the basis of B.Com and M.Com. University of Adelaide is really very good university. Thank you once again.”


“EXCEL EDUCATIONAL CONSULT is simply the best place for those students who are willing to study overseas. Their services and network are quite wide. EXCEL EDUCATIONAL CONSULT has immensely helped me in grooming my career.”


“EXCEL EDUCATIONAL CONSULT is the like a bridge between our home and foreign countries. IAEC has supported and helped me to suggest the best and the suitable University. I would like to say that – East or West EXCEL EDUCATIONAL CONSULT is the best”.


“I have no hesitation to recommend EXCEL EDUCATIONAL CONSULT to prospective students for their career upliftment.”


“EXCEL EDUCATIONAL CONSULT took special steps for me to ensure that I would never miss home. In fact I left India as a child and now I hope to return home as a mature woman.”


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